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Upcoming Events​

October 7th and 8th, 2013


Annual General Open Clinic


Health workers will be taken to a school in a Kyakatebbe Village to administer Jiggers treatment,deworming, wound treatment, and  vitamins. We have set a target to treat 1000 children in the area.  Because of the high poverty in this area, children do not have  shoes, so they walk bare footed and this exposes them to various diseases including Jiggers. Jiggers cause painful leprous like sores on the feet.  Health workers will treat the children and there after we trust the Lord to provide as many shoes as possible.

October 21st 2013


Donating Shoes to children


The target is to donate as many shoes as possible.The shoes are made in Uganda by Ugandan shoe factory with the best cow leathers and rubber soles, these shoes are strong and made to withstand Ugandan terrain. Each pair of these shoes costs 10 dollars.

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