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African Dream Foundation


Pastor Israel and Ruth Ssekamatte decided to put up a school at a little church in order to provide children, in a very poor Kyakatebbe village, with an education.


Feeding the Hungry

Due to the absolute poverty in the area were the school is located, the parents can only afford one meal a day. So the African Dream Foundation provides porridge made out of corn flour at 10:00am during every school day to all the children.


Medical Treatment Clinic

Anuually, health workers are taken to the school to treat children who have Jiggers, an insect also known as a sand flea.


Jiggers cause a painful debilitating skin disease that could result in amputation or even death if not treated. Jiggers mostly enter the body through a  person's bare feet. These children are very vulnerable  to this insect because most do not own even one pair of shoes.


Giving Shoes to the Needy

Along with education, food, and jiggers treatment the African Dream Foundation provides children with basic needs like clothes and shoes, so the child will not be reinfected by the insect. The shoes are made by a Ugandan shoe factory at a cost of $10. a pair.

A gift of any size supports the mission of thenAfrican Dream Foundation whether it's treating the foot condition Jiggers, feeding the hungry, providing the basic need of shoes, or giving education to those who need it most.

African Dream Foundation is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization, with a dream and mandate to help the African Children and Women to realize their dreams.


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