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For a long time African countries have been characterized by war and diseases. For example Uganda which is our base of operation, is a country which had HIV and AIDS epidemic that left many Children without parents and the biggest number of Children were left in the care of extended family members. Most of these families can not handle the financial strain the extra children bring, so any needs not considered to be primary, like education, has to be sacrificed. As a result many of these children do not get basic education.


The African Dream Foundation is dedicated to providing children with food, shoes, Jiggers treatment, and education.

Building Projects

It is our Joy to announce that God provided and May 2016 we managed to build our first permanent building at the school for the lower classes.

The building still needs windows. Doors, and a clean floor.

We still trust God to provide so as to have other strong buildings for the rest of the school.

Our prayer is that God will provide more and more and it will be put to good use as we have always done.

What We Are About



African Culture is improving day by day in regards to women, but still there is a lot of ground work that is very much needed to be done so as to educate the people in regards to their treatment of both girls and women.


We as the African Dream Foundation believe that when mothers are empowered then Africa will become better. Poverty is the major reason for women abuse since the man is always looked to for all the basic needs, this leaves many women vulnerable to abuse since they need the financial assistance from men. This has led to cases of men having multiple partners and hence the spread of HIV. Women are also forced to have many children since they can’t say no to the financial controller of their homes.


Our dream is to both Educate women about their Rights and Empower them.

Household Income

Since most villagers are farmers improving on the household income can come with the provision of seeds. With seeds farmers can generate more yields and provide a source of income for their families.

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